Clearvac has developed a control system to assist Vessel’s crews to have a knowledge of the possible biohazards in their air conditioning and water systems with regard to Legionella, viruses, bacteria and mold.

The procedure includes an on-board investigation where all possible risks of the various systems are highlighted and recorded.

At the end of the investigation, Clearvac issues a detailed report with the initial lab results, best practices of auto-control and possible solutions to reduce or manage the risk of contamination.

Actual demand in the industry requires stricter guidelines to assist the crew, guests, management companies and insurance companies to have greater control over air and water quality on board a vessel. What we can do: Clearvac, following on from the initial inspection, will develop a check list in which all air conditioning systems and freshwater systems are detailed and checked.

Which allows us to produce a risk assessment, which includes taking air and water samples which are checked in our partner laboratories. Depending on the results of the analysis we are able to provide remediation work through our products, services and collaborations.

An exhaustive report will contain:

– Biological risk assessments of the plants.

– Initial laboratory tests

– Suggested remediation works

– New product/system suggestions to implement both air and water quality and reduce contamination risks.