Black & Grey Water

As they accumulate over time, the scaling drastically reduces the diameter of the pipelines to the point of causing them to become completely blocked. Thus, causing serious inconvenience and significant expenses for the replacement of the pipes, with implications to cause interruption of operations.

Air Hygiene Services

Clearvac offers a wide range of specialized air hygiene control and management services for all types of ventilation systems such as: Supply and Return air ducts, Extraction systems in accommodation, galleys, laundries.....


Fire Risk Removal

Grease-covered Galley’s extraction systems not only create a perfect environment for bacteria but lead to increased fire hazards........

Ozone Treatment

With our certified operating protocols, we are able to meet any customer's needs mainly to involved them in every step of the operations where every technique is carefully tailor-made........

Vessel Biosafety Program (VPB )

Clearvac has developed a control system to assist Vessel’s crews to have a knowledge of the possible biohazards in their air conditioning and water systems with regard to Legionella, viruses, bacteria and mold.....

Legionella Control

Lime scale and other salts are found in almost all water in their dissolved forms, and it is lime scale which is responsible for hard water.