Sanlorenzo Yacht: the quotes go back to Massimo Perotti

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Sanlorenzo Yacht returns to be for all purposes an italian brand. In the past years the company had lived a time of deep crises and for that reason the funds had been handed over to third partners.

The crises seems now to have overcome and the Perotti Family is ready  to take the firm over again reclaiming 23% of the transferred quotes to the cinese Sundiro Holding. The quotes had been sold to che cinese market in 2013 in order to develop the full potential of the small yacht market, not under the Sanlorenzo brand. In July there has been the taking over of the 16% which had been transferred to the Italian Investment Fund in 2010. Actually the Perotti Family has control again over Sanlorenzo with 96% of the Happy Life quotes (refers to Massimo Perotti and its children Cecilia and Cesare) and with 4% to the management.


During a recent interview Massimo Perotti has declared that the period of crises is finally over: “If we have been able to make this operation it’s because we are out of the economical crisis and we are harvesting the results of a hard work. We are a 100% italian company starting from the management to the design.

One million hour of work are necessary to build a 40/50 mt motoryacht and  entirely made in Italy: from the fabric to the marble, from the timber to the steel and to the entertainment system” declared Perotti.

The company has achieved a turnover (90% for abroad) which has increased from 300 million in 2017 (which had already an increase of 42%) to 380 million in 2018 estimating a further 20% in 2019.

The estimated orders in 2019 and 2020 are about 500 million.

SANLORENZO ACADEMY: Massimo Perotti’s new challenge

Furthermore Sanlorenzo Yacht is currently working to achieve a number of positive activities for the territory.

The courses of the “Sanlorenzo Academy” started in november 2018 and are for the training of specialized professional figures which are actually missing and very requested in the yachting business such as sailors appointed to onboard technical equipment.

An idea from Massimo Perotti and for all graduates who want to work in the marine business.

The Sanlorenzo Academy project has been possible thanks to the cooperation with the Cisita training center and the support of the Confindustria, Regione, Alfa Liguria, La Spezia and the Port Authorities.

2019 will be a year rich of news for the company which has the intend to carry out further courses for hydraulic and electric system fitter.

Sanlorenzo will hire 60% of the members enrolled at the Academy which will successfully pass the examination.


Today Sanlorenzo Group is rated first among the top yacht producers over 30 meters as per the dutch Superyacht Times magazine. The company has been able to triple the yachting production exceeding during the previous years its biggest competitors, including the most important brands.


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