The region financing € 800.000 for works to be done at the Port of Viareggio

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The motion has been made by the regional councillor for infrastructures and transport, Vincenzo Ceccarelli by the regional government for the regional port authority. The investments are mainly intended to be used for the special maintenance of the docks.An intervention divided in two parts for a total of € 256.000 is required, more than € 90.000 for the ordinary maintenance. Over € 4 million are available for the ports involved  including the port of Viareggio. As far as Porto Santo Stefano concerns € 300.000 has been provided for the renovation work of Molo Garibaldi, over € 155.000 for the ordinary maintenance.

“Part of these funds are intended to finance the proper functioning of the authority in the current year” explain Councillor Ceccarelli and the President Enrico Rossi. Other funds will be needed for works for Canale Burlamacca in Viareggio (€ 385.000 have been financed) and there are the funds for the investments for all the operating ports; besides the Port of Viareggio, the Ports of Marina di Campo, Giglio Isle and Porto Santo Stefano for a total of € 2,808 million for the three years 2019-2021.

The Provincial Government has decided to increase the assigned resources for the functioning of the authority increasing the potential of the project and of the operation. With these funds the Regione Toscana proves the importance given to the port system for the regional development.

In 2018 a financing plan had been approved from the Region for the cleaning of the State-owned areas, lighting systems, fire system, calculation of the sea bottoms in the port areas and the management of the moving bridges. Further works financed in the past years such as the dock for cruise ship and the video surveillance system are about to be completed

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