The sanitisation with Ozone Technology

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The Ozone: Characteristics and Properties

The Ozone is an oxidizer. It’s called also ‘active Oxygen’ and is the most natural and effective agent in the neutralization of bacteria, viruses,micro-organism, fungi and odors. The Ozone is an unstable gas that in nature is generated by the lightning (corona discharge) that close to the ground converts the oxygen.

It is unstable because the gas will rapidly degrade back to its stable state, diatomic oxygen (O2) with the formation of free oxygen atoms or free radicals. The free oxygen atoms or radicals are highly reactive and they will oxidize viruses, bacteria, organic and inorganic compounds in contacts, making ozone an enormously powerful disinfectant.

Since the Ozone is heavier than the Oxygen is able to penetrate in depth in all spaces ensuring the sanification of all surfaces and enviroment. After it’s process, the Ozone converts into Oxygen again without the formation of secondary products.

sanitisation with ozone technology

Clearvac utilise the Ozone Technology as a natural method of disinfection of internal spaces such as cabins, common and working areas. Ozone is totally green technology. It is effective for sanitizing mattresses and furniture in any of the on board vital spaces. The technique used by Clearvac guarantees the completion of the sanitization process in one hour for each space.

Our services include:

Disinfection of any environment,

Odour control in ACC spaces including Galley,

Disinfection of air conditioning ducting. 


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