Risk of fires on board ships | Attention to fat in kitchens

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Fires on board ships can be developed for a variety of reasons, one of which is the accumulation of fat in the onboard kitchens.
Problems that cause fires on board ships are often linked to the fume extraction system. The generated vapours are composed of a high percentage of fat, which over time, if not removed, can accumulate in the hoods, filters and kitchen extractors.
In addition to encouraging the proliferation of bacteria, this fat is highly flammable, and if it is not readily removed it may increase the risk of fire on board ships. 
Regulations concerning fire prevention, namely law d. Lgsn 81 of 2008, they recommend a frequent and especially accurate cleaning of kitchen intake ducts to avoid accumulation of harmful fat and dust. Not randomly, kitchens are defined as “specific risk installations”.

The elimination of fat and dust on board ships, as well as reducing the fire risk, reduces odours and improves the microclimate of the environment.

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Fire Risk Removal | The benefits of Clearvac treatment

Clearvac technicians perform fire risk removal measures on board ships with specific treatment, which provides for the application of a non-Corrosive Degreaser to permanently remove the accumulated fat in the kitchens. The intervention includes 3 Step: scraping, drying and final drying. 

As far as areas are difficult to reach, cleaning takes place through revolving cables equipped with special nylon heads. The kitchen extractor is then removed, if possible, and subsequently disassembled and cleaned by Clearvac technicians.
The Clearvac group, as well as carrying out fire risk removal measures, is also responsible for cleaning dry cleaning systems.

Dry cleaners often clog up because of dust and lint, which make it difficult to release hot air from dryers. Overheating of the dryer can cause ignition, and in this case the fire risk is very high.
Clearvac technicians are involved in the behaviour of the dryers, and clean up to the extractor. The installation of a portable Auxiliary Extractor at the exit of the conduct, which allows you to remove the dirt residues, is then carried out.
At the end of work, Clearvac releases a detailed photo report and a certificate of conformity certifying the removal of the fire risk.





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