black and grey water cleaning services

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The Clearvac method of de-scaling: Applying a unique, non-hazardous product paired with a specific non-intrusive procedure (determined by the Clearvac team specified by vessel size, time scale and job scope), Clearvac will e effectively remove all hard scale deposits and return pipework back to new condition. The service will not affect business or sailing conditions and the vacuum system will be fully operational. There will be no disruption to passengers or crew.

Trattamento Raccomandato Evac

Clearvac Group service all Grey Water drainage systems with our newly formulated product; Eco Drain-away is a fast acting non corrosive drain cleaner which causes rapid decomposition of any organic waste matter. Eco Drain- away can be used on all Grey Water gravity systems such as accommodation & galley drainage, preventing health & safety issues and potential down time.

█ Rapidly decomposes organic & waste matter

█ Accommodation Grey Water

█ Galley Grey Water

█ Limited disruption

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