Black Water Lines Cleaning on Cruise Ship

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Clearvac Italia has been appointed for cleaning the black water lines on 198 mt M/V Seabourne Odyssey. A service done in 7 days with a team of six.

One of the main problem was scaling found on main horizontal runs within both passenger and crew areas of the ship




The scale will build up within the piping system till bore is nearly completely closed and this will result in major blockages of the piping system. The main results of this will be the increase of flooding incidents as users try and flush the toilet and activate the water-filling valve of the flushing device. This will lead to complaints and blockages of a vacuum collection system will result in large areas of the ship loosing toilet facilities causing major uspet to guests and ships staff.

Clearvac product is fully compatible with all Marine Sanitation Devices and is easy to be carried out.

The Clearvac process negates the continual usage of chemicals to keep lines free from scale and allows for lines to be cleaned when needed. This process would alleviate the need for crewmembers to be using strong chemicals and allow them to concentrate more time on their applicable duties. An annual or bi-annual inspection of the system would be needed to monitor scale build up.

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