Fresh water pipework descaling

Depending on the amount of lime/calcium carbonate, dissolved carbonic acid and the temperature of the water, the minerals precipitate and start to crystallize, leaving deposits on surface areas. The deposits can reduce heat transfer in heat exchangers and lower the efficiency of the heating installation/cooling system quite significantly. Increased pressure loss and decreased flow rates are other symptoms associated with lime scale in a hot water boiler

fire risk removal

A Galley Extract System lined with grease not only creates the perfect enviroment for bacteria, but also increases the risk of fire. Health & Safety Industry standards require regular cleaning of the systems

Vessel Biosafety Program (VPB )

Clearvac intends to launch the Vessel Biosafety Program (VPB), which provides quality tests on surfaces, water and air samples through accredited laboratories, issue customizes procedures, new products and natural systems to make the lives of seafarers and guests on board vessels safe and in compliance with the latest world health regulations.