fire risk removal

A Galley Extract System lined with grease not only creates the perfect enviroment for bacteria, but also increases the risk of fire. Health & Safety Industry standards require regular cleaning of the systems

Clearvac engineers will access the duct work via existing access doors or by installing approved ones. After a non corrosive degreaser is applied, the grease will be removed by a combination of scraping, scrubbing & wiping. Hard to access areas are cleaned with rotary brushing cable fitted with special nylon coated wire heads. The galley extract fan will be removed (if possible), disassembled and cleaned.

A laundry extract duct clogged with dust & fluff doesn’t allow the dryers to extract hot air efficiently. Worse still, an overheated dryer can lead to a fire. Once dust & fluff is removed from the dryers, Clearvac engineers will access the duct work which will be cleaned along its length as far as it’s outlet to the extractor. An auxiliary portable extractor will be fitted at the outlet of the ducting which will help remove debris. On completion of the works, along with a full photographic report of before and after condition, a certificate for compliance will be issued.