Eco Odor Away

“Thanks to the partnership between Clearvac Italia, Kimi control and Chimica Novelli, a new product has been designed to eliminate in a totally natural way the bad smells that come out from the drains of showers and taps caused by the accumulation of water in grey cisterns.

ECO-ODOR AWAY is a compound of over 80 different strains of effective microorganisms.

The effective microorganisms are ecological products and technologists that create within the grey water system a prevalence of

specific combination of microorganisms :

– photosynthesis bacteria such as Cyaniobacteria and Rhodopseudomas Palustris

– lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus casei

– yeasts like Saccharomyces cerevisiae

– other numerous other yeasts and bacteria

The concept of effective microorganisms was developed by the Japanese microbiologist Teruo Higa, professor at Ryukyus University in Okinawa(Japan), who analyzed the behavior of various combinations of microorganisms and discovered the “principle of prevalence”. The influence of a combination of various strains of micro organisms in ecosystems such as water and soil.

He observed that micro organisms, if put in the majority, influence the behavior of other micro organisms that stimulate different biological antioxidant activities, called “regenerative”, counteracting the oxidative biological activities, called “degenerative”.

Teruo Higua said that the combination of about 80 micro organisms is capable of decomposing organic matter to “create life”.

On this concept, ECO-ODOR AWAY, dosed in the right quantities, is able to remove almost instantly bad odors coming from the pipes and, through periodic use, ensures the maintenance of the system in optimal conditions.