Chemical and bacteriological analysis (surface-air-water)

Clearvac provides its customers with the possibility to perform surface, air and water analysis, with the aim of detecting the presence of bacteria or mold that may damage the health of the crew and customers

Environmental Sanitization and remedation

Removal of all odours from crew, guests and owners accommodation, carpets, furnishings, stores and galley. Eradication of bacteria, bed bugs, and viruses Clearvac utilise the Ozone Technology as a natural method of disinfection of internal spaces such as cabins, common and working areas.

Smoke stacks cleaning

“In recent years, smoke emissions from the main and auxiliary machinery of ships, yachts and super yachts have become a serious matter of concern and debate for international marine environment friendly organizations. Stricter regulations have been applied to keep emissions within specific limits. Clearvac Italia helps its customers to adhere to these regulations by providing an effective solution for the removal of soot from the exhaust pipes of various engines, thus minimizing the dispersion of soot into the atmosphere. It also reduces the risk for customers on board yachts and ships to find soot residue in open decks.”

Eco Odor Away

“Thanks to the partnership between Clearvac Italia, Kimi control and Chimica Novelli, a new product has been designed to eliminate in a totally natural way the bad smells that come out from the drains of showers and taps caused by the accumulation of water in grey cisterns.

Air Hygene

“Clearvac offers a wide range of specialized services for the control and management of air hygiene, on all types of ventilation systems such as: control deck, accommodation, galley, laundry, propulsion control rooms, etc.. Our services guarantee the compliance of systems both for safety and health and in the specific case of extraction systems we are able to neutralize fire risks by issuing Clearvac certification valid for insurance purposes.”

black and grey water cleaning services

The Clearvac method of de-scaling: Applying a unique, non-hazardous product paired with a specific non-intrusive procedure (determined by the Clearvac team specified by vessel size, time scale and job scope), Clearvac will e effectively remove all hard scale deposits and return pipework back to new condition. The service will not affect business or sailing conditions and the vacuum system will be fully operational. There will be no disruption to passengers or crew.