The Clearvac Group was founded in 2009

to provide services, such as the descaling of black and grey water lines and specialized cleaning of all ventilation systems. Offering effective and innovative solutions, to all marine sectors inclusive of Cruise Ships, Superyachts and Offshore installations.


Clearvac Italia was founded in 2016 in Viareggio to support all customers in the Mediterranean.

As part of the Clearvac Group,

Our mission is to give our customers service that enables ,the maximum effectiveness, timeliness and resolution, using a professional approach that allow us to use the best certified techniques and technologies for problem solving. 

such as cruise ships, offshore installations and Superyacht

Black & Grey Water| Eco Odor Away

Air Hygiene & Fire Risk Removal

Vessel Biosafety Program

Disinfection Ozone Treatment

We Have Global Network Of Clients

We support our global clients with teams from across our offices in Italy, UK, Thailand and Brazil and our partners in Spain, Greece, Malta, Turkey. This allows us to combine global expertise, local insight, and on-the-ground sources to build the capabilities of people, teams and organisations to deliver customer-centered growth.

We Have 20 Years Of Experience Of Tech


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