Il The Clearvac Group establish in 2009  provides services to all marine operators, Cruise, Oil & Gas and the Superyachts.

this includes Air Hygiene ( HVACR), Wastewater services and Engineering

The Group has recently established a new Operative Base in Viareggio. This will enable clearvac italia engineers to offer their high standard quality services and a quick  staff world wide deployment

Acque Nere & Acque Grigie

Black Water and & Grey Water


Igiene dell'aria

Air Hygiene


Trattamento Ozono

Ozone Treatment


Chiller, fan Coil & UTA collaudo & Fornitura

Chiller, Fan Coil & AHU Commissioning & Supply


Fire Risk Removal

Fire Risk Removal


Commissionamento & Bilanciamento Aria

Commissioning & Air Balancing

Encompassing all HVAC & Wastewater Services

Applying a single non-hazardous product combined with a non-invasive method, determined by the Clearvac team based on boat size, time and purpose, Clearvac permanently removes all calcifications and pipes under the conditions of the new one. The service does not affect the business and cruise operations and the empty system remains fully operational. Our service does not create disadvantages for guests or crew

Clervac Group offers services to drainage systems of the Gray Waters with a new formulation product ECO Drain-away is a non-corrosive product that causes rapid decomposition of any organic residue. Eco Drain-away can be used on any gray gravity system such as showers, sinks, and kitchen exhausts, preventing peril risks to protect the slain and potential disruption of implants.

  • Quick Decomposition
  • Unload Accommodations
  • Kitchen Kitchens
  • Limited Disservices

Service Info Brochure

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